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DoD SBIR | Grow Your Business
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the innovative talents of our nation’s small technology companies for U.S. military and economic strength.

Firms with the capacity to conduct R&D in SBIR program

DoD-wide proposal instructions

Creating opportunities for big and small businesses manufacturing and supplying to the National Security. We connect you with the right sources to create a trusted bond between your company and your clients.


We contribute to creating high-quality supply management for the US military and government offices while opening opportunities for businesses to connect with national security.

Third Parties Management

We are a professional business management team who will connect you to the right customers to make the best deals for your products.

Contractual Relationships

We help in building a trusted bond between the business and the customers and businesses. Our goal is to maintain the safety of our nation while providing our forces and government with the best tech.

SBIR/STTR Solicitations


Years of experience
Military Markets


I want to congratulate DoD SBIR for successfully creating a network between the national forces and the businesses who can help us with our needs.
Stephanie T. Whittle

Major Acquisition Programs Designated Liaisons
To The SBIR Community

profit small business

We help small businesses in spreading their network with the best customers they can get.

the Department of Defense

Our network helps the businesses to connect with the major organizations of the nation.

Our research and development team help national security in finding the right material suppliers and manufacturers.

We make sure that our national security gets the best products and raw materials for their processes from trusted manufacturers.

We have a complete supply resource plan for army ground forces with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the country.

We have a network of the best manufacturers of machines and arms who use the latest technology and precision.

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