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7 Low Investment Business Ideas for Anyone Who Want to Open Their Own Business


Now is the right time to be seeling new ideas to people as they will be more interested in finding new solutions to their problems. There are already many small investment business ideas that you can use to start a business today. These ideas make a great entry point for business enthusiasts who want to build a brand.

Print-on-demand t-shirts

You can create a brand that supplies custom t-shirts to people who can suggest their own designs to be printed on t-shirts. You can also customize hats, phone cases, bandanas, hoodies, and tote bags as you start growing. You can take the help of designers from freelancing platforms, and use printing websites to order a bulk of your own printed designs for your store.

Write a book

There are many platforms like Amazon kindle store where you can sell your own e-books or copies. Cookbooks, comic books, photo books are some of the ideas that you can work with. You can also write your novels and start selling them in easy ways.


Create digital products

If you are good at something like playing the guitar or using photoshop, you can create your tutorial videos and sell them online. You will not have to pay for distribution as you can create a platform where the users can download your videos. It will provide unlimited downloads to the users, and you can charge them for each course that you put out.

Posters and Greeting cards

You can open your own cards and poster store online if you are good at art. Let others own a piece of your work while working with a local printer who can turn your work into posters and greeting cards. If you can make unique content for the prints compared to the digital art generators, people will be more interested in your work than buying common art pieces.

Offer a service

The easiest way to start a business is to sell a service to people for their problems. Writers, designers, photographers, house cleaners, mechanics, fitness trainers, and others are in demand on online platforms. You need to build a good portfolio of yourself online, so people are willing to pay you for your skills.

Offer a service

Open a fashion boutique

If you are a fashion freak and have your own projects that you want to sell, today is the right opportunity for you. You can create your own fashion boutique and sell your designs. Think of a creative name for your brand that clicks with people. You can even partner with different brands and sell their products at your store.

Handcraft store

You can also make your own handcraft store online and sell your handcrafted goods like soups, sauces, candles, pottery, and other big things such as furniture, wall art, doors, etc. You will need to consider the shipping management for this business. Once you have the right shipping service to deliver your products, all you have to do is make your products and wait for the orders.

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